Beautiful family monument | “Baumaņi”

The family monument combines glass, granite and a very special boulder in the shape of a heart. This beautiful family monument is dedicated to parents, teachers – Kārlis and Milija Baumaņi. In our daily lives, we, humans, rarely think about how the things we say penetrate deep into the memory of others, attributing symbolic importance to places and things. Sometimes, the meaning lives on for much longer than one’s life and may be passed on to many future generations. This is what the Baumaņi family story is about.

Although Kārlis comes from Sēlija and Milija from Vidzeme, after meeting, they decided to spend all their life together in Kurzeme. They lived in Mērsrags, by the sea, surrounded by pine forests and fields. Kārlis found a heart-shaped boulder in the family-owned clover field and brought it home. He was very fond of it. Lightheartedly, he told Milija that he had found a tombstone for himself. He said that, if it were permitted, he would choose to lie in his eternal sleep under his own planted apple tree with this field rock on top of him. For a quarter of a century, the stone lay in the apple and cherry tree garden, planted by Kārlis and Milija.

Beautiful family glass monument_memorial composition of glass granite and field rock -

This family memorial is dedicated to parents – Kārlis and Milija. Milija spent 22 years without her Kārlis, but finally, they are back together at the seashore, in the shadow of a pine tree, where the light is playing in a beautiful glass wave. The waveform attributed to the composition of the glass artist Ernest Vitin resembles the seaside life of Kārlis and Milija. The light vertical stacked glass monument symbolizes the belief that a teacher is a carrier of light. And, most importantly, the heart-shaped field-rock found by Kārlis is a reminder of parents’ cohabitation and their great love. Love in the family – is the most important message left by Kārlis and Milija for future generations.



  • Technique: Vertical layered glass
  • Type of Glass: 8mm Clear glass

Price from: 3600 €

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