Glass headstone | “Chameleon”

Glass headstone “Chameleon” with a smooth colour transition – from lightest shades of the skies to earthy, golden tones. The gravestone is made in a glass stacking technique combining Clear and Selective glass. It acquired its name in virtue of its unusual colour change. The transition of different colours, due to the inclusion of Selective glass, makes the overall appearance of the memorial heterogeneous – adapting to the surrounding natural colours and ambience. The gravestone’s dynamic colouration shifts and its adaptation to the environment narrates the comprehensive and never-ending changes in one’s life. It reminds us of the gratitude and acceptance of everything that has been and is yet to come.


  • Technique: Horizontal layered glass
  • Type of Glass: 8mm Clear glass with selective glass transition
  • Size (mm): standard ~ 700 (H) x 1000 (W) x 110 (D) or large ~ 700 (H) x 1000 (W) x 150 (D) 
  • Size (in): ~ 27.6″ (H) x 39.4″ (W) x 4.3″ (D) or large ~ 27.6″ (H) x 39.4″ (W) x 5.9″ (D)
  • Weight: ~140 kg / ~200 kg   |   ~309 lbs / ~441 lbs
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