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Glass artist Ernest Vitin receives annual national award “Kilogram of Culture 2019” in visual arts category


Glass artist’s Ernest Vitins’ exhibition “WITHIN THE GLASS LABYRINTH”, acknowledged and nominated by art critics and supported by the public over two rounds of voting, became the best visual art event in Latvia in 2019. Ernest Vitin received the national …

A beautiful glass monument in the shape of a grand piano dedicated to the brilliant pianist – Jautrīte Putniņa, in her beloved hometown Valmiera.


A beautiful glass monument in the shape of a grand piano was installed to commemorate the brilliant pianist, personality and “Honorary Valmiera citizen”, Jautrīte Putniņa, (08.03.1929 – 22.01.2017) in her beloved hometown Valmiera, Latvia. The memorial was made with the …

Glass sculptor’s Ernest Vitin’s solo exhibition “WITHIN THE GLASS LABYRINTH”


Glass sculptor’s Ernest Vitin’s solo exhibition “WITHIN THE GLASS LABYRINTH” will be presented in Riga Art Space exhibition hall (Kungu Street 3) from February 1 to March 17, 2019. This unique monumental glass installation will showcase an interaction of a …

Glass headstones in Georgia, USA


We offer high quality, durable layered glass headstones in combination with traditional granite also in Georgia, USA. Contact us in one of the following ways: contact our official USA representative – your local monument builder Mart Clamp at Clamp Sandblast, …

Free one-to-one consultations in Essex, UK with Glasstone ambassador.


We are delighted to offer the service of our ambassador, project manager – Linda Namniece, in Chelmsford, Essex! Our ambassador will answer your questions regarding the purchase of a ready-made glass headstone, assist you with making an order, or/and discuss …

We support “Alliance for Latvia without orphans”


Glasstone values reach beyond aesthetics and respect for the traditions of commemoration. We know that we shape the society in which we live both as individuals and as a team. We are responsible for it. Every individual life that we …

Glass memorials for urns – burial after cremation


We offer the creation of urn memorials for individual or family commemoration. Headstones for urns were made in collaboration with our partners in Japan. Cremation is the primary form of burial in Japan. A single memorial is dedicated for the …

Glass artist Ernest Vitin has created the largest art work in the Baltics and glass tombstones


Visionary glass artist Ernest Vitin (Ernests Vītiņš) takes glass art in the Baltic region to the next level, making it as monumental and ambitious as the region has never seen before. An article by Andris Ozoliņš in the Latvian National …

The founder of Glasstone, glass artist Ernest Vitin, nominated for annual design award


Glasstone founder, the visionary glass artist Ernest Vitin, was nominated for the Designers’ Union 2017 Design Award for his glass bench composition. We participated in the annual “Design Isle” exhibition on the October 2017 together with the other nominees. The …

Glasstone glass headstones in Malta


Photography of glass headstone ICE and Design Bench in Malta. Photographer: Janis Luste 

“Patience + Mindfulness = Success” interview with Glasstone’s founder, glass artist Ernest Vitin


“Patience + Mindfulness = Success” is an interview with Glasstone’s founder, glass artist Ernest Vitin for the British Contemporary Glass Society quarterly magazine “Glass Network” Issue 64/ June 2017. Ernest Vitin (Ernests Vītiņš) is a young Latvian born and based artist …

Glass artist Ernest Vitin nominated for the prestigious Art Academy of Latvia annual award


Glass artist Ernest Vitin, the founder of Glasstone memorial concept, has been nominated for the prestigious Art Academy of Latvia annual award twice – in 2014 and 2016, for a significant contribution enriching and strengthening culture locally and internationally. Celebrating the most …

Glasstone glass headstones in Germany


Glasstone glass headstones available in Germany – expanding our service in Europe! We offer design and development of new glass gravestones, assistance with shipment and installation in Germany! If you are based in Germany or speak German language, we invite you …