Glasstone is a concept for contemporary hand-crafted glass headstones, sculptural memorials and benches. Glasstone was founded back in 2011, by artist Mag. art. Ernest Vitin and we are proud to be the first in the world to produce headstones in layered glass!

Our vision and mission is to bring lightness into the tradition of commemorating one’s loved ones. We fulfil this vision by creating handcrafted glass headstones, memorials and benches. The hand-treated glass carries an aesthetic, gentle lustre reminding us of hope and love when we most need it. We believe that the transparency and visual lightness of glass can help lift our spirit even at hard times.

Durability is our most valued characteristic. We have developed a unique method of treatment through which we achieve high durability of our work under different climate conditions. Glasstone memorials can withstand cold Nordic winters, as well as hot Mediterranean summers. At the same time, we effectively bring out the most beautiful characteristics of glass, emphasizing it’s purity, effulgence and permanency.

Finally, our memorials are very modest when it comes to maintenance. Characteristics of glass, such as density and non-porousness, combined with our method of treatment, prevent dirt from settling and moss growth.

Contact us to order a special memorial for your beloved one. We offer worldwide shipment and transparency throughout the process.

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