Commemorative glass monument | Glass obelisk

The obelisk is one of the oldest types of commemorative monuments. Obelisks have a pyramidal form. Ancient obelisks were monolithic – made from a single stone. Revived in glass, it becomes a grand commemorational piece in the modern days. It conveys a message of importance, of strength and historical significance. This first glass obelisk was made for a person of such qualities. May he rest in peace and may the memory of him always stand tall, like this obelisk.

Glass obelisk - an ancient form of commemorative monument revived in a contemporary medium. original monuments. beautiful glass headstones

The idea of obelisk-specific shape was developed responding to the client’s request for a high, prominent monument, as the person to whom it is dedicated to was such. Having walked through the cemetery, artist Ernest Vitin realised that there are quite a few classical monuments in an obelisk form. Everything came together, and an idea about a monumental, contemporary glass obelisk was born.

Working on the specifics, the artist formed a visualisation of a monumental obelisk in horizontally stacked glass technique. The symmetrical, more pronounced slopes at both sides were envisioned with a light undulated texture to accentuate the shimmering of glass. Whereas the front and rear sides – evenly cut with a very light, just noticeable slope towards the top. The granite podium was intended to add representativeness to the distinctly fine monument and offer a large enough space to put the inscriptions on.

  • Technique: Horizontal layered glass
  • Type of Glass: 8 mm Clear Glass
  • Size (cm): 150 (H) x 50 – 25 (W) x 20 – 15 (D)
  • Size (in): ~ 59″ (H) x 19.68 – 9.84″ (W) x 7.87 – 5.90″ (D)
  • Weight260 kg | ~ 573 lbs

Price from: 7500 €

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