Beautiful, round glass headstone | “Dawn”

Headstone “Dawn” is distinctive with its round shape and the gentle glimmering of selective glass. The round glass headstone can be combined with stone in a variety of ways to create unique memorial compositions. It is also possible to make this glass memorial from other colour glass. For example, in the photography below the glass headstone “Dawn” was created from Clear Glass, which renders light-green tint. Bronze colour name and engraved butterflies render originality and a personal touch.Dawn is a symbol of the victory of light over darkness. When the sun goes down, it does not disappear but continues to burn and give warmth – unobtrusively and humbly. This glass memorial symbolizes acceptance, forgiveness and awakening in a new consciousness. One discovers new dreams and hopes. Heart gains strength and becomes filled with love due to the understanding that nothing is lost, and the sun continues to be there for us throughout the day, year, and life. It continues to provide warmth to many generations to come.

In the same way, the hearts touched lovingly by another person will continue to burn in the light of that touch for life. They will be stronger, more loving and more capable of spreading affection through the generations to come. As the morning sun rises, we will be thankful for the light it has given and gives…

  • Technique: Horizontal layered glass
  • Type of Glass: 8mm light Selective glass
  • Size (mm): ~ 69 (H) x 76 (W) x 10 (D) (cm)
  • Size (in): ~ 27.2″ (H) x 29.9″ (W) x 3.9″ (D)
  • Weight: ~120 kg  | ~265 lbs

Price from: 3550 €

  • The price is given for the glass headstone “Dawn”, without a granite base.
  • Price includes a light stainless steel frame for easy installation and additional endurance (dark frame + €50).
  • Learn about glass headstone prices and payment procedures here.

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