Family grave monument from boulder, glass and granite | Ikaunieki

This unique family monument is an excellent example of the harmonious interplay of three materials – boulder, glass and granite.

A strong, loving family is one’s greatest blessing. The love of parents, felt in childhood, encourages children to go out into the world and fearlessly interact with it – play with it, test it, express themselves and create within it. Family love is a power that permeates more than one generation. This power is passed on from the parents to the offspring, and likewise saturates the relationship between brothers and sisters.

The monument is dedicated to the Ikaunieki family. The beloved brother’s boulder headstone was standing alone for almost fifty years. When both parents left this work, the siblings decided they wanted to embrace and surround their little brother, thus expressing the huge, protective love of the family. The brother’s boulder was cleared of traces of time and gently surrounded by two shining glass elements, placed on a light grey granite base stone. The memory of these precious people will never be let go of and will be kept forever. At all times, the love of family is subtly felt and fills the lives of all who remain, as the most beautiful flowery fragrance.

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