Glass grave monument in the form of a cross | “The Way of Light”

There is one way for a soul to reach heaven – “The Way of Light”. This cross-shaped glass grave monument is distinctly monumentalized and verticalized. “The Way of Light” begins from the ground. The foundation stone is divided into two halves by a light, layered glass channel as if flowing through the stone. The glass channel symbolises the clarity of the soul like the clarity of a stream flowing out and fusing with the life’s source. As the stream moves upwards, reaching towards the sky, it turns into a bright, glimmering cross.

The heart, the seat of the soul, the centre of life, is located in the upper third part of the human body. This part is represented as the deep concaved form in the centre of the monument, creating the most beautiful and intense interplay with the rays of sunlight.


• Technique: Horizontal and vertical layered glass
• Glass: 8 mm Clear Glass
• Size (mm): ~ 1580 (H) x 840 (W) x 200 (D)
• Size (in): ~ 62.2″ (H) x 33.1″ (W) x 7.9″ (D)
• Weight: ~200 kg | ~ 440 lbs

Price from: 29500 €

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