Compact glass headstone from the light and easy-to-install collection | “Waterfall”

“Waterfall” is a compact and light headstone made from a vertically stacked glass. Its width can be expanded. It can be easily installed manually following our instructions. A decoration can be engraved on either one or both sides. Vertically stacked glass renders a very translucent visual result.

The standard variation of this compact headstone is presented in the photos and specifications below. However, we offer the following options in the development of this headstone: creating “Waterfall” as wide as you wish; making it from a Crystal Clear Glass for an even lighter effect, without the greenish tint. And engravement of decorative element on one or both sides of the gravestone.

“Waterfall” is a symbol for the continuous flow and change of life. Waterfall changes the river bed both at the place where it begins its fall and where it lands, forming a deep impression.

Just like a waterfall, each significant person creates and leaves a deep and lasting impression upon the lives of their family, friends and beloved ones. They are there, throughout their life – supporting their dear ones through the highs and the lows. Glass headstone “Waterfall” is a gesture of gratitude to the one who has left a significant impression on your life; who has guided and helped you to form as an individual, as a personality. It is a memorial to the unforgettable.

At your request, “Waterfall” can be incorporated into a stainless steel frame, which will yield visual thoroughness and greatly ease the installation process.

  • Technique: Vertical layered glass
  • Glass: 8 mm Clear Glass | Also available in Crystal Clear Glass
  • Size (mm): ~ 500 (H) x minimum 470 (W) x 170 (D) | Width may be increased to your preference
  • Size (in): ~ 19.7 (H)” x minimum 18.5″ (W) x 6.7″ (D) | Width may be increased to your preference
  • Weight: ~ 40 kg | ~ 88 lbs

Price from: 1650 €

  • The price is for the standard configuration of the glass headstone “Waterfall” without a granite base.
  • Price includes a light stainless steel frame for easy installation and additional endurance (dark frame + €50).
  • When choosing to expand the glass element, the price will change proportionally.
  • When choosing a Crystal Clear Glass monument, the price will change proportionally.
  • It is possible to make a decorative engraving on one or both sides of the glass headstone.
  • Learn about glass headstone prices and payment procedures here.

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