Our glass memorial stones are not only durable but also very modest when it comes to maintenance. Characteristics of glass, such as density and non-porousness, prevent dirt from settling and moss growth. Therefore, taking care of a glass headstone is easier and less time consuming than taking care of its stone and granite counterparts.

Cast glass memorial maintenance  (such as Ice and Lunae)

Cast glass tombstone can be sprayed and cleaned with any glass cleaning solution. To avoid coarse abrasion and scratches, we suggest using soft, moist, but not dripping wet, cloth or sponge.

Layered glass memorial maintenance (such as CirclePetra and Chameleon)

Memorial stones from layered glass should only be cleaned when dry, using a very soft brush. We suggest using any brush made for cleaning car surface. Do not wash these memorials with liquid solutions. Although, in some instances we may suggest wet treatment, doing so without a good reason, increases the possibility of rubbing dirt into the microscopic pores.

Please, do not try cleaning the memorial in other ways than suggested above. In case of any questions regarding maintenance and cleaning of Glasstone glass headstones, please contact us and we shall gladly assist you!