Client reviews

“I definitely recommend Glasstone’s service for creating a very beautiful family commemorative site. Wonderful work, both glass and stone. Very responsive. High quality!”

– Maija Strode (20/10/2018) 5/5


“The headstone looks wonderful! Shining in the sunlight, it stands out among other gravestones; I really recommend making glass headstone with artist Ernest Vitin! “

– Liene Suhane (20/08/2018) 5/5


“We hit the nail on the head by turning to you. Thank you very much for the professionalism, compassion and the creative spirit. Choosing a gravestone wasn’t easy because we had to find a compromise. In our family, we had “minimalists” who wanted glass-only gravestone and “traditionalists” who preferred combining glass with traditional stone. The solution, provided by the artist, made absolutely everyone happy and the main task – to communicate father’s sparkling nature – is accomplished! Excellent! “

– Rita Ruduša, journalist (21/06/2018) 5/5


“I am satisfied with the service and the result! Moreover, I do recommend Glasstone services. A great team, who can carry out interesting and technically complex projects! “

– Vilmantas V. Mažonas (08/05/2018) 5/5


“Glass headstone in combination with stone is a remarkably beautiful and enriched memorial. Such headstone reminds us that the soul remains eternally alive. Light rays falling from different directions create an interplay with the glass memorial that one can only be amazed of….Beautiful! “

– Dana Ladusāne (17/02/2017) 5/5


“Thank you; I loved the result! I sent Ernest the photographs of the burial site when it finally was all beautifully arranged. We already shared your contact information with our acquaintances!“

– Elenora Bogdanova (23/11/2016) 5/5