Client reviews

“The Glasstone team has done an amazing art work on my mother’s memorial! We are very satisfied and heartily recommend them. Greetings from family Dastgheib in Sweden

– Elahe Dastgheib (10/10/2020, Sweden, Stockholm) 5/5


“I remember when I first saw the glass monument “Vītiņi ”on the internet – it absolutely fascinated me as I was in search of a new style. Thanks to this I found your Glasstone site. I have never seen this type of monuments anywhere, they are very impressive, completely different from what we are used to seeing in cemeteries. Glass monuments are bright, there is no darkness, no gloom. It was very difficult for me to choose the colour and the design concept itself. I needed advice on how a monument of this or that design of colour or shape could look. Thus, I gave the sculptor the freedom to express himself and make a monument to my story. Everything was fulfilled according to my wishes by more than 100 per cent! You created the most amazing artwork – our monument! It was just what I wanted – strong and tough, and at the same time – light and gentle. I loved everything: from the process – how it was done, the warm communication, and the understanding of each other when working on the design. You understood what I wanted from the first sketches and fulfilled my desire for an original monument. I am impressed with the way you work and the beautiful result!

I am grateful to your team for the warm communication and the magnificent creation of a monument of such astonishing beauty for us! I’m glad I found you and wish you the best in your work, and I hope we meet again someday.”

– Ingrida Savickaine (25/09/2020, Lithuania, Vilnius) 5/5


“The end result is even better than we expected! Humane and personal attitude, immersion into the idea and personality of the departed, taking everything we say into account… quality and peace of heart, knowing that work is in safe hands – excellent! Ernest Ronis’ repaired bench next to the graveyard 🙂 Really cool! Thank you, we definitely recommend this service!”

– Agita Jasmīna Ikauniece-Rimšēviča (19/08/2020)5/5


“I chose this kind of tombstone because I did not want it to be ordinary. It’s bright, different from all angles, it attracts the rays of the sun – all of which reflects the character of the person for whom it was created. This sculptural monument is a work of art, so it has its uniqueness.

Moreover, people are so different. Such a custom made monument recognizes this fact and acknowledges the idiosyncrasies of one. Glass is also a kind of stone. It is therefore fully in line with its purpose. It looks very organic on the grave – worthy of the person. If someone wants to move away from the usual – from my point of view, this is the best answer. Our glass monument has aroused interest and admiration of the people around – both close and strangers who have seen the monument. Thanks to the whole team! ”

– Lily Marakaeva (July 11, 2020, Russia, St. Petersburg) 5/5


“The most beautiful headstone I have ever seen! Your work can be described as follows: high-quality, sincere, forthcoming, high-quality grave monument – a work of art! I have already shared your contacts because the service is excellent, I couldn’t have wished for better. If it were possible I would rate your work with all 10 stars! ”

– Ilga Obriķe (15/05/2020)5/5


“Very responsive people who love their job!” I definitely recommend Glasstone!”

– Mara Putene (30/04/2020) 5/5


“I am very satisfied with the experience and the end result! Good service, quality of work and adherence to deadlines! I will recommend this service to others!”

– Inese M. (27/12/2019) 5/5


“Very professional teamwork – from the beginning to the result. The artist designed a beautiful project after having a look at the burial place and taking my wishes into account. Receiving a visualization helped me understand how the monument would look. Thank you for your job!”

– Helēna Briņķe (06/11/2019)5/5


“The recent work of glass artist Ernests Vītiņš (Ernest Vitin), a monument to the passing pianist Jautrīte Putniņa in the Valmiera Divala cemetery, unexpectedly surprised us. The idea itself was quite unusual: a glass piano of original size upright. But the miracle of the brand-new monument only came to light when installed in its natural light.

The front, smooth surface of the work bears the inscription of polished stainless steel, the name, the year and the signature of the pianist herself. But the other side of the massive monument was made wavy by the artist Ernests Vītiņš (Ernest Vitin). As a result, moving spectacles of light are formed on the glass piano with each viewer’s movement. The sun’s rays and even people passing by make a great visual impression. It looks as if the souls of the pianist’s compositions are displayed in a glass monument. The heavy and voluminous image of the memorial suddenly becomes light, airy and alive.

This new monument, created by the glass artist Ernests Vītiņš(Ernest Vitin), already called “Eternal Piano”, is a perfect match for the passing pianist Jautrīte Putniņa, the meaning, and substance of her life.”

– Māris Putniņš (04/11/2019) 5/5


“Our memorial stone was created exactly as I had imagined it. The company has a very helpful team. Glass sculptor Ernests Vītiņš (Ernest Vitin) is not only a master of his craft, but also a person who listens to his clients wishes very carefully and visualizes them to the tiniest detail! Thank you!”

– Agnese Rozenberga-Rače (27/08/2019) 5/5


“Glass tombstones are really new, unusual, and I’m glad that I came across your website! It all came together… I would never be able to imagine this. But I chose Glasstone despite having already paid an instalment on another granite tombstone. You made my dreams come true with this Jazz. Everything turned out as he would have wanted. Thank you very much for your work, understanding and patience. Now I know for sure that there are people who can be trusted, even over the telephone, when those, whom you trusted most are not with you anymore. THANK YOU!”

– Natalya Tarasova (11/07/2019, Lithuania) 5/5


“I ordered a family tombstone, and I’m pleased with the result and with the service — excellent communication with the team and very forthcoming regarding the due dates. Special thanks to the glass artist Ernests Vītiņš (Ernest Vitin) and also Linda Namniece and Ernests Ronis! I was delighted to receive a call the next day after the installation of the tombstone – they asked me if everything was okay and if I had any questions about how to take care of the monument. Again, thank you, and I recommend ordering tombstones from Glasstone if you like glass monuments. Very responsive, helpful staff, good communication and a great result!”

– Zanda Prancāne (10/06/2019) 5/5


“Everything is great! Thank you very much!! Thank you very much to the artist Ernest for the work!”

– Denis (11/07/2020, Russia, Tomsk) 5/5


“We are very satisfied with the service and the result! The result exceeded all expectations! Great work and team!!!”

– Adi and Marina Okun, (04/05/2019, Czech Republic) 5/5


“Your abstract perception model yields the unique visual forms and methods of your work. The material from which the sculptures are made already requires close observation, deep immersion, the talent to see concealed beauty, simplicity in complex and complexity in simple. Thank you for the opportunity to see your exhibition. I am very happy for you! Carefully thought-out lighting of the exhibition hall, which focuses, fascinates, mesmerizes the eye, defocuses the mind, makes the viewer look and watch, watching the vibrating play of light, creates a colossal metaphysical effect. I think, coming to the exhibition with one sensation, each viewer endows the works with their interpretation, their new meaning.

I do not believe that art is time-tested. Usually, everything is visible immediately. After all, art does not exist to explain but to feel – to touch the strings in one’s self, the existence of which I had not previously known. Bravo, Artist! I wish you inspiration – that inner unconscious impulse that will help you create new works and delight the audience. I thank the Lord for the acquaintance and involvement. We hope the pictures of our family monument will help in the design of the website. Respectfully.”

– Christina (18/03/2019, Germany) 5/5


“Everything was great! For the first time in my life I had such a service! I would like to thank you again for your work! ”

Ruslan Lutsenko (04/10/2019) 5/5


“I definitely recommend Glasstone’s service for creating a very beautiful family commemorative site. Wonderful work, both glass and stone. Very responsive. High quality!”

– Maija Strode (20/10/2018) 5/5


“The headstone looks wonderful! Shining in the sunlight, it stands out among other gravestones; I really recommend making glass headstone with artist Ernest Vitin! “

– Liene Suhane (20/08/2018) 5/5


“We hit the nail on the head by turning to you. Thank you very much for the professionalism, compassion and the creative spirit. Choosing a gravestone wasn’t easy because we had to find a compromise. In our family, we had “minimalists” who wanted glass-only gravestone and “traditionalists” who preferred combining glass with traditional stone. The solution, provided by the artist, made absolutely everyone happy and the main task – to communicate father’s sparkling nature – is accomplished! Excellent! “

– Rita Ruduša (21/06/2018) 5/5


“I am satisfied with the service and the result! Moreover, I do recommend Glasstone services. A great team, who can carry out interesting and technically complex projects! “

– Vilmantas V. Mažonas (08/05/2018) 5/5


“Glass headstone in combination with stone is a remarkably beautiful and enriched memorial. Such headstone reminds us that the soul remains eternally alive. Light rays falling from different directions create an interplay with the glass memorial that one can only be amazed of….Beautiful! “

– Dana Ladusāne (17/02/2017) 5/5


“Thank you; I loved the result! I sent Ernest the photographs of the burial site when it finally was all beautifully arranged. We already shared your contact information with our acquaintances!“

– Elenora Bogdanova (23/11/2016) 5/5