Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

A “cookie” is a small piece of data a website stores on your computer or mobile device when you browse the website. It allows the server to collect information from your browser, so you don’t always have to re-enter data when you return to a website or move from one page to another. Detailed information about cookies is available at:

Use of cookies on our website

We use cookies to improve the quality of our services. We use session cookies, persistent cookies, and third-party (partner) cookies to:

  • remember your screen preferences, such as contrast color settings or font sizes;
  • recognize new or former visitors – including for the use of web analytics services offered in popup boxes and Google Analytics, Google, Inc., as well as for compilation of statistics.
  • remember if you have (or have not) given consent to use our cookies on this website;
  • collect trusted site usage information from the web browser used by the visitor that allows us to measure how well a site meets the needs of its users to make any necessary improvements, and to personalize our offer to visitors in different countries accordingly.

Data collected with cookies is stored under our control. These cookies are not used for purposes other than those described above. Your data is secure and confidentially protected. Please note that some cookies may be placed by a third-party service provider that performs separate functions for our needs.


Enabling these cookies is not essential for the core features of the web site, but it will provide you with a better browsing experience. Many web browsers are programmed so that they automatically accept cookies, especially if they are mandatory cookies and required for the proper functioning of the Site. Visitors/users can, at their own discretion, block or destroy cookies and other unique identifiers if their web browser settings or equipment allow it. However, if the Visitor refuses or blocks cookies or uses other similar technologies, then certain features of the Site may be inaccessible to the Visitor or may be less effective.

A Visitor may request that we delete the data of the Visitor that has been collected and processed with the help of cookies by writing to These data will be deleted no later than 30 days after the relevant request is sent to the e-mail address indicated above, provided that it is possible to identify the particular Visitor and relevant data.

More information on how to delete cookies and other useful information about cookies can be found at:


The Company may change this Cookie Policy. The Company will inform the Visitors of the changes by publishing the new version of the Cookie Policy together with the dates when the changes were made. Visitors are aware that by continuing to use our site after changes are made to our Cookie Policy, Visitors accept these changes.

This Cookie Policy comes into effect from 29 June 2018.