Our stories - Glasstone glass headstones in Germany

Glasstone glass headstones available in Germany – expanding our service in Europe!

From now on we offer design and development of new glass gravestones, assistance with shipment and installation in Germany! If you are based in Germany or speak German language, we invite you to address your inquiry about glass gravestones to our official Uldis Lencbergs! Uldis will kindly talk you through the process of ordering a glass gravestone.

Moreover, you are welcome to view a few real-life examples from the Glasstone Classic glass headstone collection and purchase them in Köln! Visit Grabmale Bollig GmbH, Oberer Komarweg, 50969 Köln to get acquainted with our cast glass headstone Ice, stacked glass headstone Di Anne with a black glass insert, and Chameleon Black edition with a black granite insert.