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We offer high quality, durable layered glass headstones in combination with traditional granite also in Georgia, USA. Contact us in one of the following ways:

  • contact our official USA representative – your local monument builder Mart Clamp at Clamp Sandblast, Elberton, Georgia, USA at (+1) 706 988 4329, e-mail Founded in 1965, Clamp Sandblast is a family owned and run business providing excellent service to the local community for over 50 years! Clamp Sandblast is a proud member of the Georgia Cemetery association. Mart has been in the industry for many years, has given educational speeches in annual Monument Builders’ conventions and is very keen on providing the best service. View a video on Mart Clamp, the owner of the company, in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution.
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Bespoke and ready-to-order designs:

Glasstone philosophical fundaments are closely tied to nature. The close bound of humans with nature – arising from it and returning to it, is an essential aspect of the life cycle. Therefore, when building our glass monuments, we always focus on their harmonic link with nature. We find it of utmost importance that our memorials interplay with the ever-changing natural phenomena surrounding them, which, in turn, are closely bound to the ever-changing momentums of human life.

This beautiful glass and granite memorial was made in collaboration with Mart Clamp. (Atlanta, Georgia)

Beautiful glass and granite memorial made in collaboration with Mart Clamp. Installed in Atlanta, Georgia.


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Memorial in Atlanta, reading: “They walked where others have not”