Glasstone’s glass headstones envision a light and peaceful memory of our beloved ones. The development of Glasstone’s beautiful headstones, from the choice of the material to the design and the process of creation, is inspired by the idea of the lightness of the soul – it’s freedom from everyday worries and oneness with the creator. Each of our glass memorials is attended individually with the intention of creating a tranquil place for commemoration.

beautiful gravestones from boulders and headstones


Nature inspires the philosophical fundaments of Glasstone. The close bound of humans with nature – arising from it and returning to it, is an inevitable aspect of the life cycle. Therefore, when building our glass gravestones, we always focus on the development of their harmonic reciprocity with nature. We find it of utmost importance that our memorials interplay with the ever-changing natural phenomena surrounding them, which, in turn, are tightly bound to the ever-changing momentums of human life.


The tradition of commemoration

Glasstone invites to embrace the sacredness of commemoration tradition, granting it a lighter and more elevating form. Nowadays, we find there is a strong need to preserve stable, cultural values. We believe that knowing, respecting and remembering one’s roots and the significant people in one’s life can make the person feel a sense of fulfilment and love. The preservation of the sacred tradition of commemoration, therefore, is of utmost importance to us.


Family memorial concept

Glasstone not only offers glass gravestones for the commemoration of a person but also the creation of family memorial ensembles. Nowadays, when families are often scattered around the world, we propose having a single monument to honour of the whole family. We believe that a commemorative place that guards the souls of several generations, not just one or few significant others, can bring a sense of belonging, peace and happiness.