Glasstone – the world’s first workshop for layered glass headstones and sculptural monuments

Glasstone has taken a prominent position not only as an innovative headstone maker but can also be highlighted as the world’s leader in layered glass headstone production. Glass sculptor Ernest Vitin wanted to bring a new breeze into the unchanging traditional scene of commemoration. His yearning for a bright and light remembrance lay the foundations of the Glasstone creative headstone workshop. At present, Glasstone is pleased to receive interest from a wide range of countries from around the world.

Unique layered glass headstones by Glasstone. Unique headstones from glass

Glasstone – founded by glass artist Ernest Vitin

Glasstone concept for contemporary memorials was founded back in 2010, by artist Mag. art. Ernest Vitin with the development of his master’s thesis. Nevertheless, the artist had realised his fascination with monumental glass art much earlier – during his bachelor’s studies at the Department of glass art of the Art Academy of Latvia. It is an unconventional choice of method of glassworking. Entering master’s studies, Ernest had a clear vision – creation of monumental glass sculptures. This was when he started his in-depth development of both – creative ideas and the technical aspects of layered glass art. He searched, learned, tried and tested all possible techniques for making layered glass sculptures.