News - How to order a glass tombstone remotely and easily during the restricted movement period due to the global situation with COVID-19.

Dear customers,

Amidst the global situation with Covid-19, we continue making our bright glass monuments taking all safety considerations associated with the pandemic into account. We very much hope that responsible behaviour will help end this situation sooner. In the meantime, we explain how you can easily order a Classic or Bespoke glass headstone in times of limited mobility.

How to Order a Ready-Made design tombstone from the Classic collection

There is nothing more simple than obtaining a glass tombstone from the Classic design collection.  We will create your chosen headstone according to the ready-made model, just slightly changing the pattern (most often – waves on the back of the memorial) to ensure originality, and prepare your chosen monument for shipment in ~ 2 months. Thanks to their incorporation in a stainless steel frame, these monuments are very easy to install yourself! The whole process of glass tombstone installation takes just ~15 minutes! All you need is an installed granite base with drilled wholes and silicon.

If you are interested in a classic design glass headstone, send us an email with the name of the chosen design to, and we will answer you within 24 hours, coordinating the type of glass, colour of the stainless steel frame and inscription options.

How to order a bespoke design glass headstone or memorial sculpture

If you decide on a bespoke glass monument, our principal glass artist Ernest Vitin (Ernests Vītiņš) will develop it for you based on the knowledge you share with us regarding your wishes, ideas and burial place. The artist will require the following information to be able to work on a bespoke design monument:

1) Story: tell us what it is that you want to convey with the monument – think about the most important aspects of the person’s life that the memorial is dedicated to; what they meant to you. 

2) Visual aesthetics – the possible interpretations are as many as the imagination, technical solutions and budget allow to create. At this point, it is very important to let us know – what you liked in one or another design on our website in more detail. Consider the following categories:

  1. by the shape – constructive or more plastic, rounded lines, sculptural or more classical, cross, etc. 
  2. By the stacking technique – vertical (e.g. the wavelike monuments mentioned above) or horizontal layered glass (e.g. Grand piano
  3. by type of glass:, Clear glass – with light green tint (such as “Jazz“); Dark – selective (coloured deeper hues, such as the Cross), Light – selective (coloured lighter tones, such as the “Dawn“); 
  4. by nature/composition – only glass or in combination with boulder or granite, 
  5. by size.

3) Your approximate budget for the project. The biggest factor that affects the price of the glass memorial is manual work; this means that not so much the size as the complexity of the shape and technical features of the monument will affect the price. If we know what your preferences are, what you want to tell with the memorial the artist will aim to create a design that would be within your preferred budget. 

4) approximately 2-3 photos, and/or a video of the burial place + the size of the area and nearby objects (their height particularly) – so that the artist can draw an accurate 3D.


Shipment can be arranged as per your request – with a company you choose, or with one of the companies that we have established co-operation with. We shall be able to find out the shipment options and price as soon as we know the precise configurations (size and weight of the shipment) and delivery address. 

Granite base and other granite elements. 

You may choose to develop the granite base and elements with us or your local masons. Making them locally will save you the shipping costs and the masons may install it as soon as it is ready. Installation of granite has to be arranged with local professionals. 


Before making decisions, you may want to confirm with your cemetery if they have any special rules for headstones. Some cemeteries have strict size, material or safety requirements, most of which we can adapt to.