Glass headstones

Glasstone is the world’s first professional workshop specialising in the creation of layered glass headstones and sculptural monuments. Our team of experienced and nascent glass artists creates the most beautiful layered, as well as cast glass headstones and sculptural memorials. The founder of Glasstone, artist Ernest Vitin turned his passion for monumental glass into a new visionary memorial concept in 2010. Today, Glasstone has taken a prominent position not only as an innovative headstone maker but can also be highlighted as the world’s leader in layered glass headstone production. 

We offer both original, bespoke sculptural monuments and ready-made Classic designs, depicting traditional headstone forms. Moreover, our designs feature beautiful combinations of layered glass and boulder, or glass and granite. As for the stone elements – you have the choice of ordering them with your local stonemason or us. The quality of our headstones is tested, established and reliable in all climatic conditions.

Glasstone offers high-quality service, worldwide shipment and glass headstones of unsurpassed quality! Contact us, and we shall gladly assist you in creating the most beautiful place of commemoration.

Ready-made classic design collection

The Classic collection features a selection of ready-made glass headstone designs in layered and cast glass techniques. These glass headstones are unique, beautiful, easy to install, durable and easy to look after. Most of the designs come pre-assembled with a light or dark stainless steel frame for an extra easy installation.

The Classic glass headstones are made-to-order in a relatively short period, starting from three up to eight weeks, depending on the ordered specifications and season.

Learn more about acquiring Glasstone ready-made or bespoke design glass headstone. We offer a dedicated service and worldwide shipment!

Bespoke glass headstones

We specialize in the development of bespoke glass headstones. Custom made, original layered or cast glass headstones and sculptural glass memorials are created with sculptor’s Ernest Vitin’s artistic touch. Glass memorials are crafted to individual requirements regarding – size, colour, story, visual preferences, and chosen budget.

The process of making a custom glass headstone includes visualization of the design, the development of a 3D model and, if necessary, it’s incorporation into a picture of the burial site. Glasstone glass headstones can be made from:

  • cast glass or layered glass
  • combination of glass and granite
  • combination of glass and fieldstone

Learn more about acquiring Glasstone ready-made or bespoke design glass headstone. We offer a dedicated worldwide service and shipment!

Family memorials

We offer glass gravestones dedicated to a peaceful commemoration of one’s whole family. Family memorial monuments are made to individual order.

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