Quality and durability

Highest quality and durability glass headstones

We have been working on the technical aspects of the durability of glass headstones since 2010, whereby, we have developed the top quality offer in the context of glass headstones.

Durability is one of the most important features of our products. As a result of years of research, we can assure that our original glass headstones are weatherproof and resistant – able to withstand the effects of the cold Northern winters as well as the heat of the Mediterranean coastal summers. We continuously test adhesives and study different bonding techniques, thus ensuring that our glass monuments have a long and beautiful lifespan.

Glass headstone endurance

Glasstone glass headstones are just as resistant to physical damage as their granite counterparts and require very little maintenance. Even though glass is often thought of as a fragile material and each sheet of glass is brittle in its own right, if bound together with knowledge and precision they form a very sturdy structure. We always use new and certified glass and adhesives to ensure the necessary quality and durability of Glasstone glass headstones.


Lasting impression

The sophisticated appearance of glass gravestones often misleads and suggests that much effort is required to preserve their brilliance and long-term persistence. However, thanks to the constant research, artist’s savvy and the natural characteristics of glass, Glasstone beautiful gravestones have minimal requirements for maintenance. Glasstone monuments are made so that sand and dirt cannot penetrate between glass sheets and accumulate. The density of the material and its non-porous structure prevent dirt from settling and moss growth, thereby enabling easy caring for the glass gravestones.


Notes on the durability of cast glass headstones

Cast glass headstones are designed to be just as durable as those made in layered glass, dispelling the myth of the fragility of this material. However, the process of obtaining the required strength is all the more demanding. The manufacture of cast glass headstone requires melting glass at least for a full week in the kiln. Depending on the size and thickness of the headstone, often glass melting takes even longer. An essential part of this process is the quality of the kiln itself and the actual settings. Just as crucial as fusion is correct removal and cooling of the glass product.