Prices and payment

Prices and payment for glass headstones

The price of glass tombstones mainly varies due to the number of hours the masters spend at a particular project. The time is mainly affected by the complexity of the production of the monument; respectively it’s design, shape, size and the glueing technique used. Lastly, the nature of the raw materials, such as the thickness, colour and clarity of the glass sheets – impacts on the price.

The prices on our website include:

  • The development of a glass monument design: 3D visualisation with correction up to 2 times
  • Production materials (for some monuments it includes a built-in stone, a stainless steel frame. If this is the case, it will be mentioned in the specifications of the particular headstone)
  • The creation of the memorial: foam-rubber prototype, cutting, treatment, glueing, cleaning
  • Details for the necessary stone elements if the customer chooses to order them at a local stonemason
  • Instructions for installation
  • For export: preparation, packaging of the monument
The prices on our website exclude:
  • Additional changes in the design (3D visualisation) exceeding the 2 free of charge amendments. (25€/h)
    • Embedding a 3D monument in a gravesite photograph. (25€/h)
    • Full gravesite design – 3D visualisation (25€/h, at least four hours work)
  • Stones, granite base (in some cases the stones are included in the price, this will be indicated at the price specification)
  • Metallic (bronze or silver) letters and their insertion (drilling, glueing) into the glass element.
  • Delivery and customs clearance (if necessary, depending on the country of delivery)
  • Installation of the monument (instruction is included)
  • VAT (depending on the country and the legal status of the client)
When ordering a Classic or a ready-made design headstone:
  • 100% prepayment
When ordering a bespoke design, payment must be completed in three instalments:
  • €200 deposit before adjusting 3D visualisation
  • The first 50% upon of the project approval
  • The second 50% upon approving the pictures of work progress, before the second production phase, which includes glueing, treatment, cleaning and packaging. You shall receive photos of the headstone’s shape cut out, but not fixed yet.
  • Payment for the production of a glass monument can be completed by bank transfer, indicating the invoice number.

Before ordering, we invite you to read the terms and conditions of purchase. Read about the process of ordering a glass tombstone here.

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