News - The founder of Glasstone, glass artist Ernest Vitin, nominated for annual design award

Glasstone founder, the visionary glass artist Ernest Vitin, was nominated for the Designers’ Union 2017 Design Award for his glass bench composition. We participated in the annual “Design Isle” exhibition on the October 2017 together with the other nominees.

The composition of bespoke layered glass benches, located on the ground floor of the Academic Center for Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia, represents an ordinary, functional object created employing an unusual technique and an astonishing design. Designer Ernest Vitin has created both the form and the layout of the benches by combining the practical aspects of the object with the architectonics of the building. He chose industrial instead of hand treatment to obtain the clean, constructive forms visible in the building itself. The “naturalness” of the Nature Centre is conveyed through the irregular and harmonious layout of the benches. The DNA structure on the façade of the building is represented through the slight, yet comfortable deformation in the form of one of the benches. The use of the layered glass technique has led to a practical object that weighs many thousands of kilograms, yet looks light, hazy and romantic.