News - Glass artist Ernest Vitin has created the largest art work in the Baltics and glass tombstones

Visionary glass artist Ernest Vitin (Ernests Vītiņš) takes glass art in the Baltic region to the next level, making it as monumental and ambitious as the region has never seen before. An article by Andris Ozoliņš in the Latvian National Newspaper describes how the artist went about in creating the largest glass artwork in the Baltics, the 22 tons of heavy “In Nature“, located at the University of Latvia Academic Center for Natural Sciences. He offers the experts opinions about it and Ernest’s work in general and describes how Glasstone glass tombstones came into being.

“Compared to other areas of glass art, working in a monumental glass stacking technique requires a great deal of commitment, patience, profound technical knowledge and a very conceptual mind. By working with glass, Ernest creates not only large-scale sculptures and decorative objects, but also produces glass-tombstones that gracefully stand out amongst polished granite blocks.”